Winter Isn't Over Yet

The Gear You Need to Survive the Snowpocalypse

March 14, 2017 Sports and Outdoors By

Snowpocalypse is here! Feet upon feet of snow are burying the East Coast! But even if you aren’t on the East Coast, the following stories and gear guides offer important tips, tricks, and buying advice for surviving a massive snowstorm. If you aren’t the type to head outdoors when the weather gets hairy, check out one of these adventure films to escape to another place while you’re stuck indoors. Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon.

Gear & How-To’s

Be prepared, or be square.

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The Winter Survival Skill Every Outdoorsman Should Know: How to Build a Snow Shelter

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Best Down Jackets of Winter 2016

These top picks for lightweight, innovative down jackets will keep you warm from when the leaves fly until the snow melts next spring.

Conquer Winter with the Year’s Best Snowshoes

Glide effortlessly over several-foot-deep powder.

The Best EDC Multitools for Every Outdoor Enthusiast

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