Good morning. Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the internet, is calling for its urgent rescue. He argues that the internet no longer benefits everyone equally, as mega-corporations have gained total control over our personal data, misinformation spreads unabated, and political advertising needs to be more transparent. (While we’re at it, can we also outlaw mirror selfies and dabbing? Thank you.)

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Goldwin Hooded Spur Coat

The name Goldwin may be unfamiliar to many outside Asia and Europe, but that changes now. At this year’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, the Japanese company showcased a collection of outerwear and lifestyle goods that had it all: outstanding attention to detail, mountain-ready performance, urban sensibility. The Hooded Spur Coat is a perfect example. Its three-layer Gore-Tex outer is soft and seam-sealed against all moisture; the urban silhouette sits low and relaxed; six large pockets are placed thoughtfully inside and out. Also available in navy.

Timbuk2 x Apexer Tuck Backpack

Timbuk2 is a homegrown San Fransisco company of supreme coolness. Also from San Fransisco, and also supremely cool, is Apexer, an artist known around the world for his striking kaleidoscopic graffiti. The two combined their San Franciscan coolness into this limited edition 20-liter rolltop, with dual side pockets, a rear-entry quick-access zipper and a secret stash pocket.

Traditional Aceto Balsamico of Monticello

Made the old-fashioned way: aged in rare wood casks and fortified by time.

Land Rover Project Hero

One of the world’s most capable SUVs will be put to use in disaster situations.

Oliver Peoples x Berluti Sunglasses

Italian leather brand Berluti has joined forces with luxury eyewear brand Oliver Peoples for a capsule collection consisting of three sunglasses. Oliver Peoples was originally an all-American endeavor, but it has been owned by Italian behemoth Luxottica since 2007. All this to say, the collection feels very Italian on Italian: rounded vintage-inspired shapes, subtle contrasts of materials and textures, a rich color palette. A manifestation of luxury, these frames will definitely up your eyewear game for spring. – John Zientek, Associate Staff Writer

Anodized Aluminum Engraved Blueprint Art

What’s your favorite piece of machinery? It can be anything — car, boat, plane, train, even a firearm. Any size, any model, any year. If there’s a blueprint for it, Engraved Blueprint Art (no hiding behind that name) will laser etch the blueprint, in full detail, onto a 24 x 18–inch framed sheet of anodized aluminum. Think of how great it’d look hanging in your garage, where you go to bathe in the marvels of engineering.

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Aer Fit Pack

The Aer Fit Pack carries all that you need without adding bulk with extra padding. Versatility, style and functionality — a perfect option for travel, work, or play.

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How to save on American-made boots, a refurbished MacBook and workout joggers.

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