Good morning. There’s been plenty of talk lately about humanity’s forthcoming mission to Mars. NASA says astronauts will walk the red planet by the late 2030s; SpaceX is currently building the most advanced rocketship in history to get us there. But if we are to colonize Mars, one issue still must be addressed: sex in space. We know almost nothing about it, yet it would be absolutely vital to sustaining a new home in the cosmos. Until we know more (or until NASA calls for citizen test subjects), we can experience cosmically good sex right here on Earth.

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Today’s Gear

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Indian Scout

When Steve McQueen was in his prime — think Bullitt, rolled-up white tee, crew cut, cigarette dangling off his bottom lip — he rode an Indian Scout Motorcycle. It was part of his image and remains a part of his legend. Now, decades later, the new 2017 Indian Scout continues the legend. The modern, lightweight chassis rides with a low center of gravity, which feels almost like an extension of your body. And the engine — a 100 horsepower liquid-cooled V-twin — is an unstoppable force in nearly all riding conditions.

Everlane Elements Waterproof Jackets

According to Everlane, “there are two types of performance jackets: the kind that make you look like a rock climber, and the kind that cost a month’s rent.” The Elements line, Everlane says, is a third option. Both the jacket and the anorak have all the right stuff: a soft matte waterproof shell, heat-bonded seams, interior stash pockets and more. By the look of both jackets, though, you’d never think each costs less than $150.

Lexdray San Francisco Camera Pack

If you have enough camera equipment to fill a duffel and you’re constantly traveling through harsh environments — here’s your backpack. It’s ridiculously customizable, with modular organizational inserts, 14 zippered pockets, a removable hip belt and more.

Ray-Ban 8954 Frames with Graphene

Ray-Ban’s latest frames are made with blended graphene, a revolutionary (and we don’t use that word lightly) nanomaterial 100 times stronger than steel. Years from now, we might see graphene cyborg-esque prosthetics, ozone-scraping towers, even interplanetary spacecraft. But for now, it looks great on our face.

Linn Klimax 350 Speakers

Audiophiles need not be convinced of the greatness of Linn speakers. They know it well. Non-audiophiles, let’s try to unpack the jargon used to describe these towers: they use proprietary DAC technology called Katalyst (ensures zero quality loss from digitally transmitted files); something called Exakt technology emits incredibly natural sound (all frequencies arrive at your eardrum simultaneously); and 3,000 watts of power means, well, they’re really fucking loud. TL;DR: these are insanely nice speakers, which is no surprise coming from Linn.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45

Always wanted a watch with Google Assistant and a tourbillon? Here you go.

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Great Products, Great Prices

How to save on a fleece, Bluetooth earbuds and a Himalayan salt block.


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