Good morning. A massive trove of never-before-seen nuclear bomb footage is now available on YouTube. The declassified films, which for decades have been rotting away in secret military vaults, document 210 U.S. nuclear tests conducted between 1945 and 1962. The lab responsible for restoring the films says it hopes they will encourage anti-proliferation efforts. (As well as elicit lots of out-loud holy shits.)

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The Player’s Shirt by Criquet Shirts

Criquet’s retro-inspired modern polo, the Player’s Shirt, is loyally worn by Luke Wilson, star of Old School and The Royal Tennenbaums. Wilson was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and frequently visits Austin, where Criquet is based. The two share an intense passion for all things Texas, and Wilson has lauded Criquet, saying that it exemplifies a “laid-back vibe” and a “nineteenth-hole spirit.” The features that made it great to begin with, and a favorite of Wilson’s, remain: breathable, odor-resistant organic cotton; a balanced fit; collar stays that resist the dreaded “bacon collar.” And this spring, Criquet’s Player’s Shirt is being offered in a number of new colors and stripes, as well as slim fits.

IPPINKA Lift Multi-Use Bike Hook

Your bike doesn’t want to be chained up outside. Inside, where it’s nice and safe and warm, is where your bike wants to be. It especially wants to hang on this bike mount, which is made of steel, baltic birch, maple and leather. Unless, of course, your bike is a clanking heap of shit, in which case, who cares — leave it outside to decompose and be picked clean by scavengers. (And then get yourself a decent bike.)

DSTLD Leather Moto Jacket

If you somehow harnessed a hundred years of counter-cultural coolness and distilled (that’s what DSTLD stands for) the whole concoction into a single motorcycle jacket, this is what you’d get. It exudes the rebelliousness of London punk rockers, the badassery of outlaw motorcycle gangs, the timeless style of Steve McQueen. Don’t wear it unless you can confidently channel its powerful mojo.

Longines Conquest VHP

Longines became a pioneer of quartz wristwatches with the debut of the Ultra-Quartz in 1969. Finally, in the ’80s, Longines made the VHP (“very high precision”) quartz watch, accurate within 10 seconds a year. Now, it’s back, and even better than before.

Fjällräven’s New Travel Collection

Sweden’s top outdoor brand just released a brand-new travel collection. It’s everything that we’d hoped for and more.

WhistlePig Farmstock Barn-Bottled Rye Whiskey

WhistlePig has been counted among the leading premium rye whiskey labels for a few years, and now it’s finally distilling its own stuff (rather than importing from Canada and selling it under its own name). The Vermont-based operation installed a distillery and planted rye grains on its 500-acre farm about five years, ago, laying the foundation for a 100 percent farm-to-bottle whiskey. Today, that whiskey appears in the form of FarmStock, a blend of three farm-to-bottle rye whiskies — or what the company is calling “Triple Terroir,” comprised of WhistlePig’s own one-year-aged rye, a five-year from Canada and a 12-year from Indiana. It’s impressively balanced, and a good sign of things to come. — Emily Singer, Associate Staff Writer

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