Welcome to Watch Now. We’re obviously passionate about gear, and we have a lot of it in the office — it fuels our reviews, news and stories every day. Here’s what we have in the office now — what we’re testing, photographing and more. Enjoy.

Testing the IKEA Sladda

Scenes from Youtube

We woke up to a blizzard on the day we were field testing the IKEA Sladda bicycle. With all public transportation down and no other way to get around, we put the bike together and trudged to a local park with our iPhones to test it in the snow.

Tips for Getting a Better Haircut

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Our Automotive Editor took us to his favorite barbershop, Otis & Finn, to bring you tips for never getting a bad haircut again. If you have a good haircut story or any pro tips, let us know here.

Behind the Scenes

Sightings from Instagram

Shots from the IKEA bike field test, a curvy new Aston Martin and a well-designed World Time watch.


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