Our goal will always be to improve the lives of you, our readers, whether that means extending life itself, giving you insightful buying advice or keeping you up to date on what’s coming down the automotive pike. This week we uncovered a boatload of stories that do all that and more. Let us know how your brain feels after soaking in the good stuff below — at the very least, you’ll be the most interesting man at the water cooler tomorrow morning. – Nick Caruso

This Workout Will Delay Aging (Science Says So)

At this point, it’s about as close as you’ll get to the fountain of youth.

Which Apple Products Are Really Worth Your Money?

What to buy and what to pass up, from iPad to Apple TV, MacBook to iPod.

This Pasta’s Secret Ingredient: Leftover Beer Malt

Made with spent barley malts, Sfoglini’s BxB Radiators let you eat your beer (kind of).

Words Without Context

A Notable Quote From The Week

“The Mami set is … characterized by smooth flowing lines in the maternal code — features that have been maintained in this version for Delta, [but made] slightly smaller and lighter, fit for flight.”
Stefano Giovannoni, Designer

The Top 5 Design Details from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

When the world’s top-billed automotive manufacturers show off their latest and greatest, it becomes clear where things are heading.

Spider Silk Is the Fabric of the Future

Bolt Threads released the first commercially viable spider silk product: a necktie.

It’s About Time You Switched to Copper Pots. Here’s Why

For the home cook who values efficiency, copper is king.

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