Vintage Racing Is the Best Racing

Do Yourself a Favor and Download This Vintage Racing Wallpaper

March 20, 2017 Cars By Photo by Henry Phillips
Editor’s Note: Going on worldly adventures, witnessing incredible moments and sharing it all with you, our readers, is a passion of ours. And, regrettably, for the small handful of images we’re able to show you with each story we publish, countless others, though beautiful and deserving of admiration, don’t make the cut. That’s why we’re turning our cutting room floor into your new source for desktop and phone wallpaper.

“There’s a sad (and probably very reasonable) perception that modern racing series are willing to sacrifice car diversity in the name of good racing. It’s either an engineer’s sport where the cars are so limited by regulations that they all end up the same, like F1, or the whole show devolves into a quasi-spec series like DTM, WTCC or NASCAR where the only aesthetic choice is where to put your headlight stickers. (A notable exception is the WEC, but even that’s looking mighty homogeneous these days.) Nuts to that.”
— Henry Phillips, from Vintage Racing Is the Best Racing

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