Good morning. Would you eat chicken grown in a lab? A new start-up called Memphis Meats is betting that you would. By culturing animal cells and adding nutrients over time, they have created the first animal-free, lab-grown pieces of chicken and duck meat, which are then cooked into two dishes: chicken fingers and duck à l’orange. Apparently it tastes exactly like the real thing, according to The Wall Street Journal. But don’t expect to see it in your local grocery store anytime soon; a single pound costs $9,000.

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Tracksmith Logan Jacket

Few brands, if any, exemplify the running lifestyle as thoroughly and strongly as Tracksmith. Everything the Boston-based diehard brand does is for the good of the sport. Its superb line of running clothing featuring classic styling and a New England aesthetic, which is inspired by the needs of top competitive athletes. The Logan Jacket, one of Tracksmith’s many passion projects, is highly breathable, perfectly flexible and water repellant without feeling like a rigid shell. Hardly any climate conditions can stop the Logan, and since it’s superbly easy to care for, neither can a washer or dryer.

M. Gemi Netto Due Hand-Painted Leather Sneaker

In celebration of its one-year anniversary, M. Gemi, a name steeped in generations of luxury Italian craftsmanship, just released an all-new leather sneaker. The Netto Due is handcrafted and hand painted in Tuscany, yet it’s comparatively inexpensive, thanks to M. Gemi’s direct-to-consumer model.

Billykirk No.483 Schoolboy Satchel Collection

Billykirk stepped into a time machine, went to WWII-era Europe, and returned deeply inspired. Back then, premium leather satchels were commonplace among schoolboys and army medics. The No. 483 is a precise replica of that same classic bag design, featuring Horween leather, brass hardware, exterior seam construction and enough space for several books and a 15-inch laptop. The No. 236 is the same, but slightly smaller. Preorder now; Billykirk creations usually sell fast.

Colorware iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition

For the most devout disciples of Apple, a 256GB iPhone 7 painted to emulate the original 1984 Mac. Somewhere, Steve Jobs is wearing a bright-white turtleneck and blue jeans, smiling.

Poler Stuff Rucksack

Poler Stuff’s new spring collection is loaded with bold, outdoorsy goods. This retro backpack is just a small taste. It has a nylon body, two side pockets, a large main compartment and a 15-inch laptop sleeve.

Topo Designs Tech Pants

Hiking season is upon us. Travel season is always upon us. These new pants from Topo Designs — with flexible nylon, cinch-able ankles, a quick-release belt and several convenient pockets — are wonderful for both seasons.

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