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10 Umbrellas That Look Great, Even When Dry

March 28, 2017 Buying Guides By

There is a particular disappointment that accompanies a bad umbrella. You were prepared. You bought it months before the rainy season. You left it by the door as a reminder to snatch it on your way out. But, a single bent spoke on its maiden voyage has you wrestling with the wind while the umbrella splays into an inverted mess of broken ribs and busted joints. Either you commit yourself to improvised umbrella surgery, or you steal a visitor umbrella from the Ritz. The third option, of course, is to buy an umbrella that works.

The acceptance that a good umbrella costs more than $10 opens a world of choice for the outdoorsman, the practical urbanite and the disciple of high fashion alike. Our list is a grip of options for all of the above. The primary goal is to stay dry — but it doesn’t hurt to look good in the process.

Additional contributions by John Zientek.

Automatic Travel Umbrella
At $10, the Lewis N. Clark Travel Umbrella easily nails the budget slot with a compact size that matches its small price. $10

REI Jumbo 54 Auto Umbrella
REI’s Jumbo 54 Auto Umbrella is compact and light despite its roomy 54-inch canopy. Its foam-cushioned handle remains grippy in slippery conditions and aerodynamic vents mean it won’t blow away when things get gusty. $26

GustBuster Classic 48-Inch Automatic Golf Umbrella
The Gustbuster Golf is characterized by its lightweight design, provided by a fiberglass shaft. The umbrella’s signature double canopy with wind-release vents is intended to thwart even the mightiest of winds. $35

Senz Smart S Umbrella
With its “storm-proof” asymmetrical design, the Senz Smart S Umbrella is uniquely wind resistant while offering a strikingly abstract silhouette. Its ribs are flexible and jointless, capable of being bent in any direction without breaking. $40

Euroschirm Light Trek Umbrella
The Light Trek gears itself specifically towards hikers. Though marketed as a “pocket umbrella,” the device is best suited for its rugged mesh carrying case, with its added loops and carabiner to affix to your pack. $53


Blunt Classic Umbrella
Blunt umbrella’s “Radial Tensioning System” is designed to open the canopy as taut as possible, upping its wind resistance to withstand 55 mph gales. As the name suggests, the umbrella also features blunted spokes so you’ll never take your neighbor’s eye out. $80

London Undercover Classic Double Layer Umbrella
London Undercover’s Classic Double Layer Umbrella nods to years past with its maple shaft, intentionally low-tech manual runner and prince-of-wales irregular check print. $95

Davek Solo
The Davek Solo’s framework features flexible carbon ligaments particularly stubborn against tough winds. Should the canopy invert, the handle includes a button that spurs the ribs to automatically correct themselves. $99

Francesco Maglia Lord Chestnut Wood-Handle Umbrella
A fifth-generation company, Francesco Maglia approaches their handcrafted Milanese umbrellas with particular attention to detail. The device is entirely handmade with up to 70 steps in the creation of a single umbrella. This model features a forest green twill canopy and a curved chestnut wood handle. $495

Thom Browne Umbrella
Thom Browne’s refined tailoring imparts a range of details to this luxurious umbrella. An elegant black twill canopy is offset by a tricolor accent and a polished maple handle. $559

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