Good morning. Yesterday, Tinder announced Tinder Online, a web-optimized version of Tinder that allows you to swipe left and right on your computer. In a blog post, Tinder called it “your English professor’s worst nightmare” and referenced using Tinder Online at work, in place of dreary emails and spreadsheets. (In case of matching with a coworker, smash computer and burn all evidence.)

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Stance App: Send Voice Messages to Congress Without Calling

Democracy is inconvenient. Who has time for town hall meetings? Old folks, mostly. Younger people, meanwhile, prefer to sign petitions that go viral on social media, and then forget about the problem forever. Most other methods of voicing your concerns often don’t seem to faze politicians. Calling your representative, however, remains one of the most effective ways to affect tangible change; problem is, Congress’s phones are constantly ringing off the hook, and that means long wait times. With Stance, simply identify yourself, record your message, and Stance will ensure it reaches your representative’s ears in a timely manner. Democracy can be convenient.

NVIDIA Shield Streaming Media Device

The titans of streaming devices — Apple, Google, Roku — have fresh competition. NVIDIA, whose claim to fame is top-tier PC graphics cards, released a powerful streaming device with all the necessary features: 4K HDR video, voice search and more. But one feature sets it apart from the others: used in tandem with NVIDIA’s GeForce gaming rig, the Shield can cast high-resolution games from your PC to your TV.

Bell & Ross BR-X2

Bell & Ross watches are traditionally chunky and square. Not the BR-X2.

Viberg Slip-On

For many years, Viberg has been well-regarded for making ludicrously luxurious boots; years from now, they may also be well-regarded for their slip-ons. These are the first slip-ons they’ve made. They’re constructed much like a chelsea boot, with a single piece of suede, minus the ankle. Available this Friday.

Black Insomnia Coffee

Black Insomnia, the world’s strongest coffee, contains double the daily recommended amount of caffeine. And it’s now available on Amazon.

Boie USA Toothbrush

It’s no stretch to say that toothbrushes are among the most important items a person owns. Yet most people are willing to scrub their teeth with anything that resembles bristles atop a plastic twig, and that’s a shame. Get yourself a proper toothbrush, like this one from Boie. It’s pretty — but more importantly, it contains anti-microbial rubber bristles, which are easier on your gums and last twice as long as that twig you’ve been using forever.

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Great Products, Great Prices

How to save on a micro SD card, Under Armour running shorts and Smartwool socks.

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