Good morning. On Tuesday we reported on the best of the Red Dot Awards 2017, which honor the best in product design each year. Delay catching up on your emails for a little while and read up on all the top honorees in tech, automotive, outdoor, kitchen and more, all in one place.

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Today’s Gear

What’s New, Now

Master & Dynamic Navy MW60 Over-Ear Headphones

Outstanding hi-fi wireless headphones, with stainless steel details and supple lambskin earpads, now available in navy and silver.

Outlier Supermarine Rollie Water-Resistant Bag

This ain’t like those standard roll-top dry sacks made of cheap plastic. This is made of military-grade “Supermarine” cotton fabric, with a waterproof coating that practically lasts forever.

6/5/4 Motors Husqvarna 256 ‘Thage’ Ski-Cycle

Behold, the restoration of one of 1,000 motorcycles of its type bought by the the Swedish Army is the late ’60s. Like something straight out of Q-Branch, this off-road moto features skis — skis you have to keep your feet on the entire time they’re in use, all while shifting and throttling with your hands. This particular 256 has received many an upgrade and is extremely exclusive, so act fast.

The Best Travel and Productivity Apps You Haven’t Heard Of

The best travel and productivity apps have been announced by way of the 2017 Webby Award nominees. Here are four that we want to try.

Butterfield Machine, L.L.C. Fire Piston

The great thing about physics is that it’s always been and always will be — that’s why this “fire piston” is modeled after a device used in the 1700s. It utilizes rapidly compressed air to aid in tinder ignition (which has nothing to do with swiping on your phone screen, to be clear). Three variations on the device are available, all machined from different combinations of colors and metals.

Prometheus Design Werx AR Hoodie DRB Staff Edition

Your favorite zip-up hoodie from high school, updated with cutting-edge military applications without making you look try-hardy tacti-cool. Wind-blocker Polartec fabric, MLH (major league hood) design that’s baseball-shaped for better fit, dummy cord tie-ins, hook and loop on the shoulders, and sleeve thumb holes. — Jon Gaffney, Contributor

This Military-Spec Command Car Is the Vintage Overlander You Deserve

A few trips up some fire service trails or beach duty down in Baja would be perfect retirement jobs for this old vet.

Mott & Bow Wythe Slim Button Down Shirt

From Mott & Bow, masters of modern denim, an Italian-sourced slim denim shirt, stonewashed and bleached for a broken-in feel.

Deals of Note

Great Products, Great Prices

How to save on a Gant oxford tee, a Roku streaming device and a Travelteq x Gear Patrol travel bag.

What’s New from GP

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