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Good morning, and welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gear — your single-shot serving of an entire week’s worth of the best new gear pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse while you watch the 2017 Masters Tournament and start your Monday completely up to speed. Here’s to another fantastic week.

Rudy’s 1–2–3 Bundle

Rudy’s, a Seattle-based brand known as a pioneer of the modern barbershop trend, has introduced a magnificently simple grooming system: 1, shampoo; 2, conditioner; 3, body wash. All three contain nothing but good and natural stuff like coconut, jojoba, cedar, citrus and juniper. No “color treatment chemicals.” No “volume-pumping vitamins.” No BS. You lather it into your hair and onto your body, you wash it away, then you smell great. Easy as 1–2–3. Even better, every sale of Rudy’s new 1–2–3 helps support homeless LGBTQ youth.

Vetements Polizei Panelled Leather Racing Jacket

Here you go, anarchist fashionistas — an extravagant black leather jacket, branded with the German word for “police,” with padded shoulders and zippered cuffs. The epitome of stick-it-to-the-man badassery.

Sway Mindfulness App

Can technology help you meditate? Surprisingly, yes — though many apps do the exact opposite. They complicate something that is inherently uncomplicated. Sway is one of those rare “mindfulness” apps that actually does what it promises to do, thanks in part to its emphasis on ‘interactive meditation’ — rather than glancing at a screen every few minutes to view progress or adjust settings, you simply hold your phone in your hand, and move your body in subtle patterns. Sway tracks these movements, which are said to increase mental well-being, and records progress. Simple, as it should be.

BullRest Travel Pillow

The BullRest is 80 percent smaller than those clumsy horseshoe-shaped bean bags that are sold at airport convenience stores. It’s also made of memory foam, and has a large vent to allow airflow on your neck. Toss it in with your other carry-on essentials.

Toyota Hilux Tonka Concept

To celebrate the company’s 70th, Toyota went all-out and built every kid’s dream truck: a gnarly Hilux outfitted with a torquey (309 lb-ft), 174 horsepower engine and six extra inches of clearance thanks to a bulky suspension upgrade. Carbon fiber, electric winch, Tonka-branded tires and bonkers graphics round out the toy-truck-that-definitely-isn’t-a-toy look. Sadly, it’s only a concept, but a boy can dream… – Nick Caruso, Motoring Editor

LEIF eSnowboard

Don’t call it a skateboard. Don’t even call it a fancy longboard. It’s a six-wheeled electric snowboard, on pavement. It carves, coasts and slides just like a real snowboard, with a powerful electric motor (23 mph max speed, 10-mile range) controlled by a handheld Bluetooth remote. Call it the closest thing to a consumer-ready hoverboard the world has ever seen.

Reebok Floatride Running Shoe

Reebok’s “biggest innovation and most technically advanced running shoe to date.” The magic is all in the new Floatride technology — essentially a lightweight, pressure-set piece foam that absorbs impact, creating a float-y feeling. Additionally, the shoe features a flexible, breathable knit upper, and a stabilized heel cup.

Upslope Brewing Co. Experimental India Pale Ale

Crisp, refreshing, delicious, the IPA is the darling of the craft beer world. Colorado-based Upslope’s latest iteration on the style is an experimental brew using three unique hops: Mosaic, Idaho 7 and Lemondrop. As described by the brewers, it has “melon and stone fruit aromas” and “an herbal tea-like finish.” – AJ Powell, Associate Staff Writer

Arzum Okka Turkish Coffee Maker

For the uninitiated, Turkish coffee is similar to cowboy coffee, in that it’s made with unfiltered, finely ground beans, which are simmered (not boiled) in hot water, and then poured, leaving the grounds to settle on the bottom of the cup. It’s also customary to toss in some sugar during the simmer process, resulting in a foamy, bittersweet dessert blend. With the Arzum Okka, single or double cups of Turkish coffee are instantaneous.

The Patrol Tee By Gear Patrol (Spring Gray)

From the Gear Patrol Store: Our second GP “Patrol” tee features signature details on a tri-blend of poly, cotton and rayon. It is comfortable, moves well and boasts a slimmer fit. The logo is also screen printed with a premium, water-based ink. The result is a traditional crew neck that looks good and works well in the gym, on the commute or just exploring over the weekend. And because nothing beats the feel of a fresh tee, we ship every shirt in a poly bag so that you’re the first to touch it.

Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar just announced it will officially present the first ‘Reborn’ E-Type at the Techno-Classica Essen show in April.

Nike Flyknit Multi-color Re-Release

On April 7, Nike is once again gracing the world with the multicolored Flyknit sneaker ($150), the most popular Flyknit sneaker to date. Get yours before it’s put back in Nike’s archives.

Showers Pass Odyssey MapReflect Jacket

On the surface of this lightweight commuter jacket, a reflective map of one of 11 bike-centric cities — Portland, New York, Washington D.C., Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Newcastle, Berlin, Sydney and Taipei — is printed; each jacket has a unique configuration of the print, so no two jackets are exactly alike. There are two jackets: the Atlas, a weather-resistant hardshell with taped seams, and the Odyssey, a softshell build for warmer weather.

Common Fibers Carbon Fiber Fanny Pack

Holy shit. A carbon fiber fanny pack, with a built-in wallet and Bluetooth speaker. Just what this lame-ass world needed! Party on bro! CHEST BUMP!

Indian Chieftain Limited

The strongest leaders are those who muscle their way to the front of the pack — exactly where the Chieftain Limited belongs. It’s a style and engineering leader: the sawed-off open-front fender, which exposes a 19-inch 10-spoke wheel; the gloss black fairing inspired by locomotives of the ’50s; the beastly 111 horsepower engine, built on principles of Indian engines from the ’40s. This is Indian’s modern take on the legendary road warrior.

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