Good morning. Big news from NASA today: they’ve discovered promising new information on several watery worlds in our solar system, which may aid the search for extraterrestrial life. One planet in particular — Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons — is rumored to have an “alien ocean” with chemical activity, beneath a thick crust of ice. Ol’ lonely Pluto is also being examined, and is very excited to be receiving human attention again.

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Today’s Gear

What’s New, Now

Sunski Olema Sunglasses

Inspired by vintage clip-on shades, the Olemas feature a classic double-bridge design, extremely durable construction and polarized lenses. And at this price, go ahead and thrash ’em around in sand, surf and sunscreen without feeling guilty.

Athletic Propulsion Labs Apparel Collection

APL’s sneakers have been readily absorbed by the athleisure community, and now, the brand is entering the athleisure game for themselves. The new “Perfect Collection” adds premium and performance fabrics and tailoring to classic items, such as an Italian satin bomber jacket with a perforated performance lining to keep you cool, or nylon running shorts with front slit pockets designed to look sleek while also keeping your phone from falling out. While many athleisure collections promise to take you from office to gym, APL’s is one of the few that might actually deliver. — Caitlyn Girardi, Social Media Coordinator

Northern Maverick Fake News Ale

Northern Maverick has the best beer. Believe me. Nobody does sessionable ale like those guys. Just look at this beer — isn’t it beautiful? It’s coming out soon, and everyone’s gonna love it. They’re even — can you believe this? — they’re even donating five percent of profits to whatever charity we want. Other FAILING breweries don’t do stuff like that. Yuge job, Northern Maverick. Tremendous job.

Dodge SRT Demon

After weeks and weeks of video, teasers, and enigmatic numerical easter eggs, the Dodge SRT Demon was finally unveiled.

Misfit Flare Activity Tracker

Misfit is well known for producing some of the best-looking fitness trackers on the market; the Flare is their sleekest yet. It has all the basics of modern fitness trackers: touchscreen display, sleep monitoring, step tracking, water resistance and more. Feedback is given via a refreshingly simple white LED light, and the replaceable battery lasts up to four months.

Yamato Indigo Starter Kit

If you’ve walked into a menswear shop within the past year or so, you’ve probably noticed Japanese indigo tie-dye in some form or another. Think of it as tie-dye for grown-ups (not for smelly stoners). It’s a centuries-old practice commonly used to dye scarfs, shirts, robes — basically anything that can be dyed. With this kit, you can get creative as you like, not to mention it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than the authentic Japanese stuff.

Deals of Note

Great Products, Great Prices

How to save on Friis coffee storage, a BBC nature doc and a custom five-panel cap.

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