Every single day, our style team filters through millions upon millions of style articles, clothing pieces, collection launches, brand parties, blogger fads, runway shows, fashion shoots, lookbooks and many, many more stimuli to stay on top of what’s hot in men’s fashion. In spite of all that noise, we’ll keep things simple here: just four things we’re into right now, updated each week.

Chup Ennis Sock

Good socks are an ongoing obsession, and these patterns from Ennis are too tempting not to slip on your feet. When the shorts come out, the socks really sing.

Maiden Noir Baggy Short

Speaking of shorts! These baggy, elasticized-waistband, drawstring shorts are a perfect pair of breezy bottoms. Baggy is the new fitted, if you haven’t heard.

Rebuild by Needles 7 Cuts Tee College

Is everyone ready to get weird? Because this t-shirt is weird in all the best ways. It’s made from sections of vintage college shirts sewn together. Each of the sections is a different width and length from the next, ensuring each shirt is one of a kind. Sure, it’s esoteric. But life’s too short to only wear white tees.

Freemans Sporting Goods Vintage Purple Freeman Hoody

This Canadian-made hoody is made from 14-ounce brushed fleece with flat-locked seams, a construction that will stand up to decades of wear. What’s more, that faded purple is incredible. Wear it by itself. Wear it under your favorite denim jacket. No matter how you wear it, you’ll eventually ask yourself why it took so long to incorporate this color into your wardrobe.

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