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The Minimalist Rain Shell You’ll Want to Wear All Day, Every Day

May 3, 2017 Style : Clothing By Photo by Cory Piehowicz via Facebook

NYC-based brand Search and State calls the S1-J Riding Jacket “arguably the best cycling jacket ever made.” We see their point, and that’s why it’s now in stock at the the Gear Patrol Store. It’s constructed entirely from Schoeller’s C-Change Fabric, which expands with body heat to enhance breathability and contracts in the cold for maximum insulation and wind protection. It’s also totally waterproof and offers a more flexible feel than competing weather-resistant materials.

But the fit is where this jacket separates itself from the pack. Even if you never ride, the shell’s close yet comfortable silhouette is as sophisticated as you’ll find in technical apparel, making it the essential layer for shoulder seasons. And if you do ride often, then there’s a good chance the S1-J will become your second skin.

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