Good morning. These days, college grads looking to get started on a career typically get a foot in the door with an unpaid internship. Those looking for some compensation might want to apply at big-name tech firms, such as Facebook, where the median monthly wage for an intern is $8,000. Other firms that pay interns more than what the median average household earns include Microsoft, Amazon and Apple.

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Pillsy Smart Pill Bottle

Vitamins, herbal supplements, medications, nanobots? These days, everything comes in a pill and there’s a pill for everything. Now there’s a way to remember to take all those pills, and it comes in cap form. Pillsy tells you to take your pills, reminds you when you forget and tracks your intake so you know when a refill is nigh. Already have a system for remembering to take your vitamins? Your dog doesn’t, and Pillsy will help you remember his pills, too. (Order now and get half off on Pillsy through Friday).

Ferrari Design Cockpit Office Chair

So you’re a Ferrari owner. You’ve finally reached that pinnacle of success but now you have nothing more to covet. Or, more likely, you aren’t, and you’ve finally admitted you never will be. In either case, you can fuel your desire for Italian automotive design with… an office chair. The team behind the Cockpit is the same that brought us the GTC4Lusso and the 812 Superfast. The chair may have less horsepower, but it represents a functional union between work and play, slow and fast, mundane and adrenaline, automotive design and professional culture.

Monfefo Turmeric Shot

Monfefo Turmeric Shot is a uniquely refreshing drink of organic Hawaiian turmeric juice that’s made in Brooklyn. This 12-pack is a great way to keep energized, at home or at the office. Monfefo even offers direct-to-office delivery so you and the team can start the workday with an aromatic bang. — Dan Whalen, Editoral Intern

Good Thing Arid Umbrella Stand

An umbrella is a tool, and tools should be used to their designed purpose but also cared for and maintained. Enter the Arid Umbrella Stand, an umbrella accessory that will help dry your rain protection when you return home by taking advantage of the naturally absorbent quality of terracotta. No mold, no puddles on the floor.

Topo Designs x ORU Kayak Beach LT

A collaboration that balances design ingenuity with outdoor lifestyle is a sure success — especially when the two companies coming together on a product are both already successful. This partnership between Oru Kayak, the company behind the highly portable, origami-inspired kayak, and Topo Designs, the Colorado-based masters of colorful outdoor gear, is a truly unique piece of gear that’ll leave your paddle buddies ogling jealously in your wake.

Goby All-Black Electric Toothbrush Kit

Despite what Netflix and others may tell you, there is no “new” black. Black is the forever cool even when it’s fully adorning a hygienic product meant to keep things white.

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How to save on summer apparel, a CamelBak hydration pack and a surf rock LP.

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