Good morning. Even if you aren’t from Mexico, you may be celebrating Cinco de Mayo today. If so, you should know exactly what event you’re commemorating. The common misconception is that May 5 marks Mexico’s independence from Spain; the reality is that on this day in 1862 a band of Mexican troops fought and defeated Napoleon III’s army at the Battle of Puebla. Enjoy some homemade guacamole, and cheers to Mexico.

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Today’s Gear

What’s New, Now

Surf Shacks: An Eclectic Compilation of Surfers’ Homes

Even if you’ve never stood up on a board you’ve probably been affected by surf culture in some way. It permeates everything from style to music; this coffee table book filled with beautiful images and beach bum inspiration will make you want to quit your day job and live by the tide.

When the Ford F-150 Raptor Isn’t Hardcore Enough, There’s the MegaRaptor

It’ll eat an F-150 Raptor for breakfast.

Randolph Engineering Fusion P3 and Aviator Sunglasses

What’s one way to inoculate a pair of timeless frames with new mojo? Premium Mazzucchelli acetate hand inlays, that’s how. Randolph has updated the metal silhouettes of its Aviator and P3 shades with the dark material and the result is a balance struck between classic and contemporary.

Prometheus Design Werx Odyssey Cargo Short 5050RS

Style gurus and fashionistas regularly turn their noses up at cargo shorts. All those pockets and flaps are just too bulky to be taken seriously. Those criticisms are often true and it’s about time someone did something about it. Prometheus tones down the chunk factor and goes all in on utility — its ripstop Odyssey Cargo Short is triple stitched and includes custom D-rings, a diamond double seat, a dedicated knife pocket and of course, pockets.

Fi’zi:k R18 Climb Edition Cycling Shoes

When fi’zi:k set out to design a top-of-the-line road cycling shoe, it worked with the folks who frequent the podiums of the World Championships and Olympics. The R1B Climb is a design nod at the struggle those same cyclists will face as they huff and crank up Monte Grappa during this summer’s Giro d’Italia. The limited-edition shoe comes with all the technical features of the original such as volume control and an extended power strap.

SDR Traveller D3 Traveller Discreet Duffel

This duffel is not for you. The plain, logo-less charcoal black bag is made to take a beating and go unnoticed. Why? Because when you’re traveling across borders where officers are more likely to request a bribe than a visa application you want a bag constructed of fabric (Dyneema) that by weight is stronger than steel, and you don’t want it to look like it’s full of fancy gear.

Matador Camera Base Layer

From the Gear Patrol Store: If you’ve ever woken before daybreak to summit a mountain and grab the perfect sunrise shot only to find your batteries have frozen and died, then you know that a little insulation for your DSLR is probably a good idea. The Camera Base Layer can wrap a range of camera shapes and sizes, is strap-compatible and cinches with an easy roll-top closure. Rule of thumb: if you’re heading somewhere where you need a down jacket, your camera probably does too.

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Great Products, Great Prices

How to save on J.Crew chinos, a Deep Blue dive watch and a Nikon camera bundle.

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