Good morning. Six-year-olds and color theorists will be united in excitement at the announcement of a new, blue-hued crayon from Crayola. Chances are you’ve never seen this particular blue before — it was discovered recently by a team of researchers while experimenting with chemicals for use in electronics. The scientific name for the color is YInMn but Crayola is sure to give the crayon a clever, more pronounceable moniker.

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Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Bundle

Today and tomorrow, Brooklinen is offering 15% off all online orders and free shipping sitewide. That’s an offer worth jumping on, as Brooklinen’s bedding has recently exploded in popularity. Thanks to a business model trimmed of all extraneous costs (middlemen, wholesalers, designer fees and so on), their five-star luxury hotel-quality sheets to be sold at an affordable price. The Luxe Harcore Bundle, for example, Brooklinen’s most luxurious set, comes with seven pieces — one flat sheet, one fitted, one duvet cover and four pillowcases — and woven with 480-count sateen weave and long-staple cotton, which affords a buttery smoothness that retains its luster through years of washing.

Framed Tweets

Call it a fine example of post-postmodern art in a commercial age or call it an example of society’s irreversible dependence on the digital social sphere. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what you call it, it happened and it’s here: tweets, printed on high-quality paper stock with archival matting, surrounded by an ornamented golden frame.

JHO Knives GS1 Black/Satin

The JHO GS1 (GS being an acronym for “Gentleman Slasher”, which alone makes it worth a buy) is inspired by straight razors. The 2.5-inch blade is short but formidable, made from composite steel and titanium, and the easy fold-away design is perfect for pocket carrying. Plus, each purchase includes a stylish leather case and maintenance tools. – Dan Whalen, Editorial Intern

Bre & Co. Origami Teapot

Bre & Co. started out as a project for unique, meaningful handmade US goods and it’s carried that ethos through with the Origami Teapot. An all-black porcelain teapot designed to look like it was folded from paper, its porcelain is finished by hand in Brooklyn and the pot can hold up to four cups. – Dan Whalen, Editorial Intern

Acer ProDesigner 32-Inch 4K Monitor

The home office is a dojo. It’s a sanctuary in which you practice your trade. And unlike a regular, cubicle-filled office there are no rules or partitions other than the ones you set yourself. That opens up the options to things like a height-adjustable, tilt-capable 4K monitor. It’s capable of transforming your laptop, and your home office, into the command center they’re meant to be.

Tracksmith White Collection

Newbury Street–based Tracksmith is an independent running brand known for instilling heritage New England style cues into high-performance running apparel. Its newest collection places all emphasis on a sometimes plain yet ever-present color: white. Accent cues on technical pieces such the Van Cortlandt Singlet and Podium jacket are relegated to interior liners and small details, leaving all emphasis on what’s unpigmented.

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How to save on Nespresso coffee machines, a Swedish pocketknife and a coffee table book about surf shacks.

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