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4 Best Places to Order Flowers Online for Valentine’s Day

If you haven’t ordered a gift or flowers already, don’t fall into the online floral delivery trap. It goes like this: you Google “Same-day free delivery in [insert city],” and a listing pops up. You click that listing and on the website there’s an affordable bouquet that comes with a discount and same-day delivery. Perfect! You add it to your cart and enter your payment info. Then the charges arise. An extra delivery charge, a service and handling charge, a mandatory donation to save the flowers. As for that discount? It barely covers tax. That $30 bouquet just became $90.

You don’t have to deal with this. Sites like BloomThat, The Bouqs Company, Amazon and Urban Stems are disrupting the status-quo of overcharges and unreliable delivery, there are no surprises and no deception. Shipping availability is crystal clear, promises are kept, and there are no hidden charges. Plus, the flowers are ten steps above the teddy-bear-and-mylar-balloons the other places are selling. Order now, and you won’t be disappointed.



The Bouqs Company

Urban Stems

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