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You’ve Got 20 Minutes Today: Here’s What To Read

May 14, 2017 Briefings : The Weekend Digest By Photo by Yamaha

First off, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out in GP land. We love and appreciate you every day; today is simply a bonus.

This week we published a heaping handful of slightly longer reads that are all more than worth your time. In between your alarm going off and the trip to see Mom — or the phone call you’re need to make very soon — these are the stories you’ll want to stop and read. From outrageous American supercars to the unfortunate “Greenwashing” trend that’s sweeping the country. Learn about Omega’s vintage masterpieces and the sad loss of one of aviation’s finest. We love rolling through news and cool gear as much as you love consuming it at a super fast pace. But some stories require a few more minutes, and the rewards are tenfold. Enjoy. – Nick Caruso

The Car That Forced Porsche to Redesign Its Fastest 911

As America’s one true supercar, the Ford GT carries the torch brilliantly.

With Jon Karkow’s Passing, Aviation Loses a Star

Jon Karkow designed airplanes, built them and flew them first.

Murder and Fishing in Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands

In one of the largest roadless expanses in the United States, both dark history and big fish await.

Words Without Context

A Notable Quote From The Week

“She likes wine, and I like beer, and when we drink, we drink independently. There’s no piano-man solicitude. Just quiet and, sometimes, HGTV. Perhaps she’s looking for respite, and if she is, then she deserves it.”
– Dan Whalen

How to Defeat the Big, Dirty Greenwashing Lie

And a short guide to the brands that are trying hardest to avoid it.

Celebrate 60 Years of the ‘Moonwatch’ with These Rare Vintage Pieces

Originally a watch for car enthusiasts, the Speedmaster rose from humble beginnings to become an otherworldly icon.

Yamaha Created a Lunatic, Ballistic Wasp and Called It a Motorcycle

A willing dance partner for seasoned pros and noobs alike.

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