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18 Winners From This Year’s World Superyacht Awards

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As with many official “best of” lists and ultra-luxe competitions like any good Concours, judges of the World Superyacht awards have to comb through the finest of details to find out which truly is the best. And in the case of superyachts it isn’t unlike judging a luxury hotel — if that hotel happened to have a massive engine that could propel it across large bodies of water. The awards themselves “recognize the remarkable ingenuity and innovation demanded by the design, engineering and construction of the world’s finest luxury yachts.” It’s no small feat to decide which yachts win, but it’s an incredible honor to have bestowed upon your vessel. This year’s ceremony took place this past weekend at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy, and these are the 18 winners.

Motor Yacht of the Year: Dilbar

Sailing Yacht of the Year: Sybaris

Voyager’s Award: Glaze

Refitted Yachts: Aquila

Rebuilt Yachts: Legend

Sailing Yachts 30 to 39.9 Meters: My Song

Sailing Yachts 40 Meters and Above: Sybaris

Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts 30 to 33.9 Meters: Botti

Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts 34 to 39.9 Meters: Gipsy

Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts 40 to 49.9 Meters: Amore Mio

Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts 50 Meters and Above: Galactica Super Nova

Displacement Motor Yachts Below 500 Gross-Tons, 30 to 42.9 Meters: X

Displacement Motor Yachts Below 500 Gross Tons 43 Meters and Above: La Passion

Displacement Motor Yachts Between 500 and 1,499 Gross Tons: Joy

Displacement Motor Yachts Between 1,500 and 2,999 Gross Tons: Cloudbreak

Displacement Motor Yachts 3,000 Gross Tons and Above: Dilbar

Judges’ Special Award for Quality and Value: Narvalo

Judges’ Special Award for Achievement: Chasseur

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