Keep Up and Keep Productive

These 7 Gadgets Are Your New Business Trip Essentials

Even business travel should be a pleasure, not a drain. To make it so, you need headphones to keep the noise down in transit, a tablet to sneak in some prime Hulu time get work done on the go, and a few accessories to ensure you’re charged up and ready to be your best.

9.7-Inch iPad Pro


All the horsepower of the original iPad Pro, without the massiveness. Great for movies on flights, games in the hotel, and actual work, too. (For a less expensive model, Apple recently introduced a $329 iPad.)

Bose QuietComfort 35

An updated and wireless version of the famed QC35s. Bose will make every plane and train a blissful oasis.

Amazon Basics Portable Power Bank


Dual USB ports let you top off two devices at once. LED lights will let you know how long you can keep avoiding the wall plugs.

Anker 60W 6-Port USB Wall Charger

The biggest challenge facing travelers today? Keeping your tablet, phone, camera, headset charged. This has you covered, even if hotel rooms don’t.

TravelCard Charger

A portable powerbank that flips into a wallet. It comes in micro USB and lightnight models. (Unfortunately, it won’t work with a new Pixel or Galaxy S8.)

Sennheiser Presence Business


Blocks out wind noise and other loud environments; no yelling required.

Roku Premiere+

Bring your favorite streaming services to your hotel room’s TV at no additional cost. And yes, it works with both HD and 4K TVs.

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