Have a Soft Shell Taco With Your Hard Tail Bobber

A Motorcycle Sanctum With Its Own Taco Truck? Yes, Please

May 16, 2017 Cars : Motorcycles By Photo by Renato Zacchia for Autoweek

The fellas over at Autoweek took a visit to a recently revamped Vax Moto, over in Brooklyn. Only a few blocks from our friends at Union Garage, Vax Moto has always prided itself on being “a safe, controlled environment where you can get your bike down to the nuts and bolts and don’t have to worry about the sun going down, the weather pissing down on you,” says founder Justin Walters.

More recently, Vax Moto has added a taco truck to the garage. Because, why not? Tacos are great and wrenching on your bike builds up a mean appetite. And for only $225 a month, you get floor space and 24-hour access to a plethora of tools, ranging from wrenches to welders. If you want to store your bike for the winter or put it up on a rack, up off the floor, that’s just an extra $110 a month.

Head over to Autoweek to read the full story and gawk at the awesome library of photos they grabbed while they were there.

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