Like Magic, or Something

Yep, the Sony A9’s Autofocus Is as Insane as We Thought

May 16, 2017 Tech : Cameras By Photo by Kunkoku

C’mon! Watch that video and then try to do that with your camera. It doesn’t work. We’ve seen the stats on Sony’s new flagship mirrorless camera, but this is the first time we’ve seen the continuous AF in action, and it’s kinda mesmerizing. But maybe that’s what we should expect from 693 edge-to-edge focus points, a best-of-both-worlds hybrid AF system and enough processing speed for uninterrupted focus during 20 fps shooting.

The A9 is expected to be available at the end of this month for just a hair under $4,500, and we’ll doubtless be seeing more amazing feats from the camera; what’s left to find out is whether pro shooters will flock to the camera like Sony hopes.

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