And How to Choose the Right Ones for Your Face

21 Great Sunglasses for Men

May 19, 2017 Style : Accessories By

Whether you don them solely to protect your peepers from harmful UVs, hide a hangover or add that extra dash of cool to your look, shades are essential. But unless you live in Punta Gorda, Florida, know what “rinks bowls” is and answer to Mort, simply plopping a pair of Blu Blockers on your mug won’t cut it: specs only look good if they complement the shape of your face. Follow our advice below to find which styles work best for you.

Additional contribution by John Zientek and Grant Tillery.


Aim high with Aviators or stick to square, angular frames. Stay away from circles, lest you desire to look like an emoji.

Flight.004 by Dita $369
Stax by Barton Perreira $395
Scout by SALT. x Aether $600


You can do no wrong. Every pair of sunglasses looks good on you. Even Oakley Razor Blades.

P3 by Randolph Engineering $155
Roman by David Kind $285
Edge Pilote by Vuarnet $360


Rounded corners are key to your success here. Look for frames sized to match you in width, but with soft lines. Too many hard angles aren’t your friend.

Murdoch by Illesteva $220
1166 by Cutler And Gross $419
LF01 by Lewis Fredericks $560


Similar to our square-faced friends, you want to go with softer lines and rounded corners. Wayfarers work well, but avoid small frames.

Legend by Allyn Scura $175
Lemtosh by Moscot X Todd Snyder $310
Livingston by Max Pittion $465

Heart Shaped

Heart Shaped – Square frames will add dimension where you can best afford it. Avoid anything oversized or teardrop shaped. Rimless frames or aviators work best.

Caravan by Ray Ban $155
Fairmont by Oliver Peoples $365
Taos by Hopper + Jacques Marie Mage $525


Any shape should work well, but match sizing to your own proportions. Frames that sit wider than your cheekbones are to be avoided at all costs.

Vintage Tort Primo by Dom Vetro $295
Lincoln by Garrett Leight $295
Holt by Tom Ford $455


Frames with more going on up top are your friend. Anything teardrop shaped will emphasize dimensional balance. Square frames with deep lenses are simple and sublime.

Robotnik by Monokel $105
D-Frame by Acne Studios $330
Square-Frame by Saint Laurent $360