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Our Top 5 Favorite Motorcycle Adventures, So Far

May 22, 2017 Cars By

Warm weather, clear skies, open roads — riding season is here and in full effect. On the odd weekday, a quick ride out of town is always welcome. When the weekend rolls around, sights have to be set a little higher. And then, if it’s a holiday weekend or you’re planning a few days off, a proper motorcycle adventure is called for. This season, we have a few brewing, but for inspiration, we took a look at our favorite rides from the past couple years. There’ve been some good ones and some that will be hard to top — but that won’t stop us from trying.

A Cafe Racer in the Hills Above Bologna

It’s not the cafe that counts; it’s how you get there that matters.

A Ducati in the Desert

A few bikes now carry the Scrambler badge, but Ducati’s Desert Sled is the only one that deserves it.

A Man, His Wife and a Sidecar

A sidecar-equipped Ural is a slow-moving, stubborn beast. But it’s also the ultimate ride for travel partners seeking unique adventures.

From Portland to the Idaho Border and Back

Eastern Oregon is a mecca for adventure motorcyclists looking to stake claims on unexploited routes. From tarmac to the wilds, even the roads that lead to those roads are worth the trip.

Pushing the Honda Africa Twin to Its Limits in Moab

The 2016 Africa Twin is billed as the second coming of Honda’s legendary Dakar winner. We took one out through Moab to see why.

Taking an Indian Down to Baja

Now in their 25th year, Eaglerider has led enthusiasts down the Mexican peninsula and all around the world.

Even More Motorcycle Stories

Spring has sprung. That means taking to the open road on two wheels is all some of us can think about.
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