The Williamsburg Hotel has really good colors. Like all of them. How do they do this? Millennial pink on the robes. Emerald green on the tiles. Perfectly worn-in walnut floors. It’s a hotel so pretty, so photogenic, that it’s practically preening at you, holding its form, daring you to snap.

It’s a hotel that seems to internalize the edict: “Actions speak louder than words — but still, social media drives a lot of customers.” It’s a hotel from which #influencers and #ambassadors would die to make a sponsored post.

The Pinterest porn facade is just a window dressing for this hotel’s chic, smart bones.

The hotel is none the worse for this ultra-now aesthetic, though. I like it, because the Williamsburg Hotel and I have a shared interest. I want to Instagram my handsome hotel and I want likes, too. And actually, the Pinterest porn facade is just a window dressing for this hotel’s chic, smart bones.

It has 150 rooms and a lobby bar suitable for business breakfasts and happy hours alike. There is another pair of bars, a restaurant, and a rooftop pool set to debut this summer. But even with the ambitious plays to pack people into the building, the Williamsburg Hotel manages to feel distinctly personal, like the prettiest bed and breakfast you’ve ever seen.

Speaking from experience, a very early check-in fresh off my red-eye flight was one coup. The gargantuan, floor-to-ceiling windows and balcony overlooking north Williamsburg into Manhattan was another. Also, the surprisingly good complimentary breakfast and coffee in the lobby bar provide a welcome, homey convenience.

The Williamsburg Hotel is an exercise in compact, eye-catching design, delivering everything you need but nothing more. It’s more trendy than luxury, but that’s fine — this is serving a specific set. Come ye former inhabitants of The Ace, all ex-patrons of the Wythe rooftop who are ready to take their game to a new place. The Williamsburg Hotel is for you.

Hayden Coplen

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