A Pair for Every Occasion

Shirts and Sunglasses That Bring the Heat

May 25, 2017 Style : Accessories By Photo by Henry Phillips

You need a pair of sunglasses. And you are not your neighbor. And you do not copy nor covet thy neighbor. And so, you need a pair of sunglasses that reflect you — and only you. These sunglasses and shirts paint a picture of who you may be. Pick your personality, and wear with confident conviction. Plus, you’ll stand out (in a good way) from thy neighbor in bland aviators or Oakleys.

When paired together, aviators and camp-collar shirts exude retro coolness for modern times.

Private Collection Aviator by Tom Ford $940
Camp-Collar Denim Shirt by Camoshita $370

The Bohemian look is having a renaissance, and round sunglasses go well with an expressive band-collar shirt. This Saint Laurent and Eidos pairing makes you look like you’re bound for the French Riviera.

Classic 161 by Saint Laurent $430
Grandad-Collar Striped Linen Shirt by Eidos $325

Stop thinking about your beach look for this summer: This is it.

Gelt by Moscot $290
Cotton Pique Polo by Maison Kitsuné $150

Clubmasters are underrated and understated. With a floral-print shirt, they’re a great option for any barbecue or summer celebration.

Clubmaster by Ray-Ban $150
Miyagi Floral-Print Shirt by NN07 $145