Better Sand Protection

The Summer’s Best Beach Towels

May 30, 2017 Style By

Summer’s here, guys, and the top item on the tote-packing list needs to be a proper beach towel. This year, upgrade from the Costco special to something more distinctive, refined, adult. A traditional loop-back construction or Turkish flat-weave gets all the sand protection you’ll need, along with the proper aesthetic for your age group. Below, you can find our picks for the best towels of the season.

Additional contribution by Grant Tillery.

Kirra Towel by Mayde $38

Badlands Spa Towel by Pendleton $50

Beach Towel by Swims $55

Stripe Linen Beach Towel by Frescobol Carioca $123

Byway Beach Towel by Grei. $145

Moroccan Beach Towel by John Elliott $185

Yachting by Hermès $230