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Everything You Need to Bowhunt Elk

May 31, 2017 Buying Guides By Photo by Sung Han
From Issue Four of Gear Patrol Magazine.
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“Only about 12 percent of bowhunters have successful hunts in Colorado each year. To shorten the odds, I brought along the best gear.” — John O’Connor


Reliable Gear for the Crucial Moment.
Dewpoint Jacket by Sitka $399
Energy 35 Bow by Elite $999
6mm Full Metal Jacket Arrows with Solid Legend Broadheads by Easton $200+ (6 arrows, 3 broadheads)


Stay Stealthy
Wind Detector by Dead Down Wind $123
B.2 Binoculars with Sitka Bino Bivy by Maven $1,129+


Move Through Terrain with Ease
Trango Cube GTX Boots by La Sportiva $390
Ascent 12 Backpack by Sitka $169


What You Need When it’s Time to Circle the Wagons
Hopper 20-liter Cooler by Yeti $300
Kickr II Portable Solar Panel by EnerPlex $25
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