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The Best Watches and Straps to Wear This Summer

June 1, 2017 Watches By Photo by Henry Phillips

What makes a perfect summer watch? There’s no set formula, but definitely go with watches that are affordable, tough and, of course, good-looking. Something that can handle your summer excursions, but that’s affordable enough to leave you unfazed if it does take a beating. Over the last few months we’ve tested and curated watches (and straps!) that meet (and exceed!) those requirements.

Review: Seiko Brings Back a Cult Favorite, in Blue

An edgy case and a color scheme straight out of the early ’90s makes it perfect as both a collectible and a summer beater.

15 Watch Straps for a Cool and Casual Summer

15 great nylon, canvas, rubber, leather and metal straps that will keep your wrists dry and cool during the hottest months of the year.

Review: This Is The Perfect Summer Beater Watch

The Orient M-Force Bravo has all the attributes of a perfect summer watch: it’s tough, cheap and, most importantly, fun.

The Best Dive Watches For Less Than $1,000

Good news: There’s a myriad of great divers you can buy for a few hundred bucks. Better news: We narrowed them down to just 15.

How I Made My Watch Better for Only $10

Changing your watch band is an easy way to refresh your watch; mesh just happens to be the best way to do it.

The Best Watches to Take Into the Backcountry

Whether you’re heading to the top of Mount Everest or trekking across a polar ice cap, these are the timepieces you should bring with you.

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