Good morning. In Morocco, scientists have unearthed the oldest known human fossils ever discovered. The 300,000-year-old bones suggest that humans existed 205,000 years earlier than previously thought, and that the cradle of mankind, long believed to be the plains of Ethiopia, is still up for debate.

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Today’s Gear

What’s New, Now

Basis by Elysium Health

Aging is far more than cosmetic. We’re all concerned about wrinkles, but scientists suggest we instead consider aging as a cellular process. Elysium Health employed that insight when creating Basis, a daily supplement designed to increase levels of a coenzyme called NAD+. NAD+ is required for fundamental life processes like ATP synthesis (the source of energy), DNA maintenance and regulating circadian rhythms — and it declines as we age. NAD+ is so important, some scientists even call it “the golden nucleotide.” Gear Patrol readers get free two-day shipping on orders over $75 through June 14 with the code GPFATHERSDAY2017 — just in time to impress dad. (Be sure to select two-day shipping at checkout.)

Master & Dynamic x Bamford Watch Department MW60 Headphones

Bamford Watch Department, a distinguished merchant of personalized luxury watches, gave Master & Dynamic’s most advanced headphones a very special treatment: aqua saffiano leather, aqua logo and an aqua aux cord. Aside from those limited-edition subtleties, the lambskin ear pads are both absurdly comfortable and naturally noise-cancelling, while the 45mm, omnidirectional neodymium drivers deliver spine-tingling hi-fi sound.

ONA x Saltfish Surf Co. Bowery Camera Bag

ONA’s best-selling camera bag, transformed into a truly unique piece: each features a one-of-a-kind textile pattern woven by Saltfish Surf Co.’s family-owned mill in Oaxaca, Mexico. Holds one camera, up to two lenses and a handful of personal items; only 100 will be made.

Becket Simonon Morgen Trainers

The GAT, or German Army Trainer, is undoubtedly having a moment. Beckett Simonon’s spin on this classic sneaker combines the craftsmanship of the brand’s dress shoes with the sleek, laid-back style of the classic GAT. A white, full-grain leather upper with water-resistant suede details meets a rugged gum sole. – Caitlyn Girardi, Social Media Coordinator

Yron Grill

Unless you live Germany, Switzerland or Austria, you can’t buy the Yvon Grill. It sure is fun to look at, though, isn’t it? That cast-iron crucible; those oaken legs! Who knows — maybe if you learn to speak German (Yron is a German brand), you can coax them into shipping overseas. Ein Mann kann träumen.

Asket Two-Year Sweatshirt

Asket’s new sweatshirt, launching today, took an entire two years to develop — a great deal of time in any product’s lifecycle. (It’s been released before, after which feedback was gathered and the shirt improved.) So, it’s a great sweatshirt; the thinking man’s sweatshirt, perhaps. Egyptian cotton in a trim silhouette; three colors; 15 (yep) size variations. – Nick Caruso, Assistant Editor

Gear Patrol Magazine: Issue Four

From the Gear Patrol Store: It’s easy to forget the perks of home until you leave it. We know because we’ve put in the miles, dogsledding through Sweden’s frozen Norrland to test down parkas and borrowing million-dollar Porsche supercars to hot lap the Nürburgring. And that was just in issue three. That’s why, for our fourth and latest issue of Gear Patrol magazine, we decided to stay local — at least by our standards — and bring some much-needed attention to our own backyard, a.k.a. America.

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How to save on TOMS shoes, an Alite Designs camp chair and a gold PlayStation.

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