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9 Excellent Everyday Carry Flashlights

June 12, 2017 Buying Guides By

Surefire P2X Fury


Surefire is the torch of special forces and law enforcement, and for good reason. The P2X Fury is hard anodized to military specifications, and the shock-proof LED ensures the delivery of light regardless of the circumstance. The reflector is micro-textured for optimal light transmission and the tempered glass window can handle extreme temps and impact.

CRKT Williams Tactical Applications


CRKT called in former military officer, knife designer and martial arts expert James Williams to design their tactical torch. It’s tough as nails and meant to be as much a blinding attack weapon as much as a flashlight. Via its rubberized tail cap, you can access multiple light modes, and thanks to its compact size and convenient clip, keeping it at the ready on a daily basis is a cinch.

Fenix PD35


The PD35 has a cult following in the EDC flashlight crowd due to its convenient size, insane brightness and supreme toughness in the field. But now it’s even better than before, boasting 960 lumens, up from 850. So bright, it can easily be used as a beacon and a blinding weapon, as well as a wickedly powerful torch to illuminate up to an entire room, if needed. Fenix’s best seller gives six light modes via a simple side switch and a convenient tail cap for the oft-used “momentary on” function.

Streamlight ProTac 2AAA


When you want ultra compact, the ProTac is the choice. This penlight on steroids has C4 LED technology, which means it’s bright and long lasting (there’s a 50,000 hour lifetime in the bulb). Multiple light modes, a toothed attack cap and a tough anodized finish means it’ll be your go-to light day in and day out, without burdening you with something bigger and heavier.

Foursevens Maelstrom Regen MMR-X3R


The Maelstrom Regen MMU-X3R is the expensive bad boy of the group, but there’s good reason for the higher price. It emits a ridiculous 2,000 lumens, which can easily light up a dark and long trail in the dead of night. It has three less-bright modes, if needed, and it’s micro-USB rechargeable and shows the charging status via lighted indicators. In addition to being bright enough to temporarily blind someone, it also has a toothed bezel should you need to fend off an attacker.

Streamlight Scorpion HL


Streamlight’s improved on the first version of the rugged, compact Scorpion, giving it with more light output and three operating modes, including a strobe feature. Our favorite aspect of the original Scorpion, the rubber armor sleeve goes unchanged and still provides ideal grip and tactility for an EDC flashlight. The endcap still stays under the sleeve, aiding in its IPX-7 Waterproof capability.

Vizeri VZ230 Tactical


If you’ve never heard of Vizeri, it’s time you took a look at this robust and very affordable light. The hard anodized finish belies its price, as does the IPX-7 Waterproof rating — something you won’t see in lights costing twice as much. The beam focus is also twist-operated, keeping it secure during nocturnal movements. It takes AAA or rechargeable lithium ion batteries, making it versatile. It also comes with a light diffuser & holster and weapons mounting capability. These features and build for $30 make the VZ230 a complete EDC torch steal.

SOG Dark Energy 247A


SOG focuses on tactical practicality and one look at the Dark Energy, shows it was designed for business. The knurled cap has teeth for self-defense, and the 263 lumens are more than enough to brighten up the night. It ensures ideal grip with the highest levels of checkering (without impeding comfort), and all five light modes are conveniently accessible via the rubberized tail cap.

Inova X5DM HB


A lot of EDC folk don’t carry flashlights because of the extra size and weight, which makes them inconvenient to keep in a pocket or gear stash. Inova’s X5DM HB might not be the brightest, but its small diameter makes it easy to carry in your daily kit. The slick design is more bauhaus than tactical, so it fits in with more sophisticated finery. The five LEDs knock out 31 lumens in high mode, and you can dial it down to a low 8 lumens for reading or less intensive lighting needs.

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