Crushable and Breathable

The Best Brimmed Hats for Summer

June 13, 2017 Style By

There’s nothing more incongruous than felted wool hats and wilting summer heat. As the temperature rises, reach for a hat made of crushable lightweight fabric or breathable woven straw. With modest all-around brims, these hats will protect your face and neck from damaging UV rays while keeping your style on point for everything from outdoor summer weddings to long weekends at the lake.

Panama Hat by Paulmann $65

Summer Traveller Rollable Hat by Larose $130

Centerdent Hat by Stetson $130

Contrast Weave Fedora by Club Monaco $140

Panama Hat by Borsalino $220

Napoli Hat by Lock and Co Hatters $287

Laurence Panama Hat by Loro Piana $735