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Deals of Note: June 14, 2017

June 14, 2017 Deals : Deals of Note By Photo by L.L. Bean

Nau Succinct Trench Coat

Save $83: Rain jackets don’t have to look like they’re just for the backcountry. This waterproof, breathable trench coat is made with heathered yarn made to look similar to a suit jacket.

L.L.Bean Backyard to Beach Sale

Save 20%: L.L.Bean has been making high-quality gear since 1912, most notably the classic Bean Boot). The timeless New England brand is running sales on everything from its classic Boat and Tote bag to its own take on Patagonia’s Baggies shorts.

Amazon Echo

Save $40: The Amazon Echo was the first virtual assistant of its kind. It can play you music, tell you the news for the day, and even order you a pizza.

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