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Today’s Gear

What’s New, Now

The Perfect Styptic Balm, by Glyder

All men fancy themselves gifted shavers. Shaving is, after all, a delicate, long-learned and proud discipline. But no shaver, rookie or veteran, can completely avoid razor cuts, and we all know what it’s like to exit a bathroom with bits of toilet paper speckled on your cut-up mug. That ends with Perfect Styptic Balm. Glyder’s balm rolls on just like chapstick, soothing and healing razor cuts with the same anti-hemorrhagic agents used by the U.S. military. Then, aloe vera, vitamin E and argan oil provide soothing backup. Your Dopp kit isn’t complete without it.

Logitech G PowerPlay Wireless Charging Mouse Mat

Wireless is a norm. Wireless charging, however, is not. That’s why a gaming mouse with the ability to charge wirelessly while in use is no small feat. The PowerPlay relies on electromagnetic resonance in order to maintain a steady stream of power from the mat, which can be customized with a soft or hard surface, to the mouse, even during fast-paced shotgunning. Dead batteries will never interfere with fictional digital combat again.

At Auction: Early ’90s Apple Computer Sneakers

Vintage Apple products have always drawn a cult following among the tech nostalgia crowd — even iPods sell in the thousands on eBay — but who would’ve thought that a pair of shoes that were once standard employee dress code might fetch as much as $30K at auction? The clunky white sneakers are accented with Apple’s old multicolored logo on the tongue and profile in a design that just screams 1994 (and contemporary streetwear at the same time, somehow).

Anicorn + High Snobiety Limited-Edition Watch

When Anicorn, the Hong Kong-based watchmaker and design studio, joined forces with the lifestyle gurus at Highsnobiety, the pair produced a watch that’s both highly understated and unavoidably intriguing. The water-resistant collab is constructed with an engraved 316-liter stainless steel casing and an anti-reflective sapphire watch face, but more notable is the use of discs instead of hands, and a movement that relies on body movement instead of a battery.

Redemption Limited-Edition Wheated Bourbon

There’s no better way to celebrate National Bourbon Day than with a nip, a glass, or a bottle of premium rye — or in this case, wheat. The award-winning distillers at Redemption have amped up the wheat content to 45 percent of the mash bill for this limited batch of bourbon that’s been aged in charred oak barrels. Flavors of roasted coffee, hazelnut and cardamom mingle in this unique 96 proof spirit.

Black Ember Modular V4 Adventure Travel Packs

The go-to adventure travel bag is often a waterproof duffel or an expedition pack. These bags are great, but it’s often the case that any packing forethought goes to waste with their cavernous compartments; travel should be enhanced by a carry-all, not complicated by it. Black Ember’s V4 Adventure Travel Collection relies on a modular system of rugged components made from materials like ripstop nylon and hypalon. Compression cubes, camera carriers and more allow for total bag customization and organization for whatever the journey calls for.

Search And State CS-1 Pullover Crew Neck

From the Gear Patrol Store: The durable Search and State CS-1 Pullover Crewneck is made in Midtown Manhattan for an active lifestyle. The 100 percent cotton Japanese Loop Terry is soft, comfortable and almost indestructible, and the New York flannel lining ably keeps cyclists from the elements.

Deals of Note

Great Products, Great Prices

How to save on a Nau rain jacket, L.L. Bean apparel and an Amazon Echo.

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