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3 Low-Alcohol Cocktails Made for Peak Summer Heat

June 15, 2017 Drinks By Photo by Henry Phillips

Summer’s long daylight hours are best soaked up with a drink in hand sipped steadily throughout the afternoon. But drawn-out days demand conscious pacing — of both sun and drink — to prevent burnout. The secret lies in low-ABV cocktails. Taking a cue from Europe’s long-established aperitivo culture, this summer‘s best drinks are light on alcohol and big on flavor. Below, find three low-impact cocktail recipes from award-winning bartenders, made for sipping all afternoon long and easily multiplied for punch bowls and pitchers.

A Tiki Cocktail That Won’t Put You Under the Table

A refreshingly palatable, low-ABV tiki cocktail from award-winning bartender Claire Sprouse — because nothing good comes from drinking overproof rum.

Start Your Weekend Off Right with a Pitcher (or Two) of This Spritz

A slightly sweet, slightly herbaceous, effervescent cocktail best sipped outdoors, slowly and all day long — with Instagram-worthy garnishes, to boot.

For a Drink Best Sipped All Day Long, Take a Cue from Britain

A low-alcohol take on the quintessentially British Pimm’s Cup, balancing fruity flavors with bitter, herbal ingredients. Make it for one, or scale measurements accordingly to fuel a crowd.

Or Keep Things Simple with Summer’s Best Canned Cocktails

Sip straight from the can or pour over ice and garnish appropriately, with ample sun and optional antics. Read the Story