Good morning. German airline giant Lufthansa has announced new ultra-cheap airfares. The catch? You won’t know where you’re going. It’s called Lufthansa Surprise, and the only control travelers have over the mystery-box style ticketing comes from selecting one of nine categories that range from “Go East” to “Bromance.”

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Today’s Gear

What’s New, Now

NOMOS Aqua Water-Resistant Collection

There is a place where mechanical aesthetic style meets sport utility. Like El Dorado or the Fountain of Youth, it’s a difficult place to find, and many fail tremendously in attempting to do so. NOMOS has succeeded. Its new collection merges high function with simple sophistication in a series of timepieces that keep ticking down to 200 meters below the surface of the ocean, and it does so in a spectrum of colors that range from carefully muted to siren bright.

TRNK Truss Collection

Since 2013, the team at TRNK has scoured the globe for products of the highest quality in both aesthetics and materials in order to help curate the home space. They’ve gained a hell of a lot of expertise and have put it to use in designing the brand’s first exclusive collection. The introductory line, Truss, is design-forward in its combined use of steel supports and both leather and canvas upholstery — and it’s also fully customizable with over 20 fabric options.

Highland Park Valkyrie Single Malt Whisky

The first of a three-bottle limited release spanning just as many years, Highland Park’s Valkyrie is single malt Scotch that draws inspiration from both flanks of the North Sea. Spice and smoke are at play with notes of nutmeg, cloves, apples, mangos, and vanilla custard, as well as the signature heather peat exclusive to the Scottish archipelago of Orkney.

Teforia Leaf Tea Infuser

Sure, Keurig does tea. But it does it with the careless lack of ceremony you’d expect from a machine built solely to streamline your regular morning caffeine injection. The Teforia Leaf, on the other hand, has ritual at its core. The svelte machine is engineered with masterful tea knowledge that empowers it not to brew but to infuse Teforia’s proprietary teas, which include leaf blends such as Ancient Dragon and Genmaicha Blast. It’s still fast, but it’s also thoughtful.

Wilson Staff Limited Edition PVD D300 Irons

Golf may be a “gentleman’s game,” but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be space for some casual, well-placed boasting. Wilson’s D300 irons are built for it. Literally — the technology that makes the clubs primed for distance is on display in an open-faced layup. Features include urethane-filled Power Holes and minimized contact points between the face and club head for the greatest flex upon impact, which make the irons perfect for achieving top distance when you’re in full view of the club grill.

Tanner Goods Introduces a Better Way to Store Vinyl

A minimal wire rack is the smarter way to store vinyl.

Gear Patrol Magazine: Issue Four

From the Gear Patrol Store: It’s easy to forget the perks of home until you leave it. We know because we’ve put in the miles, dogsledding through Sweden’s frozen Norrland to test down parkas and borrowing million-dollar Porsche supercars to hot lap the Nürburgring. And that was just in issue three.

That’s why, for our fourth and latest issue of Gear Patrol magazine, we decided to stay local — at least by our standards — and bring some much-needed attention to our own backyard, a.k.a. America.

Deals of Note

Great Products, Great Prices

How to save on a USB wall charger, a wallpaperSTORE sale and Audioengine speakers.

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