Good morning. Remember when Amazon used to be a bookstore? It’s hard to believe, considering the online retailer’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods and its 460 stores in the U.S., Canada and the UK. Amazon has also been rumored to have interest in purchasing the business-collaboration app Slack and has been granted a patent to tech that prevents shoppers from checking prices online while in brick-and-mortar stores.

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Smith Overtake Cycle Helmet

When it comes to cycling helmets, you shouldn’t have to decide between lightweight and protection. And you don’t have to. Beneath the outer shell of the Overtake is a layer of thermally welded, copolymer extruded tubes engineered according to precise durometer, size and thickness specs. It’s called Koroyd, and it’s the material fortifying Smith’s AEROCORE construction, which is highly impact resistant — in a crash, the cores compress in a controlled manner, decelerating energy and reducing trauma — but also light and ventilating. Along with MIPS, it’s what makes the Overtake the ultimate racing helmet.

Travelteq Original Briefcase in Limited-Edition Colors

The briefcase has long been the standard carry-all for the professional. But it’s also an affirmation of professionalism, an item that shows respect for oneself, one’s work and the tools required to accomplish it. Travelteq’s Original Briefcase, made from vegetable-tanned Florentine Vacchetta leather and containing eight compartments, has this ethos at its core. The interior is also lined with colored fabric for a splash of flair that extends subtly to an exterior swatch, because you don’t want to make too much of a statement.

Skull & Sweep Mens Regatta Training Jacket

It takes dedication to set the alarm for a 4 a.m. wakeup in order to head down to the boathouse and launch a shell into icy water for a quick workout. Scull & Sweep want to take some of the edge off. Its form-fitting Regatta Training Jacket is wind- and water-resistant and features details designed specifically for rowers, like longer cut sleeves with elastic cuffs, flat-lock seams, a wind collar and minimal backset pockets. Details are important at the crack of dawn.

Lomo’Instant Panama + Lenses

It’s hard to commit to an intimidating DSLR when the smartphone lens in your pocket capably takes high-res photos. Some of those shots might make it onto Instagram, but close to none will ever live in print. Lomo’Instant Panama removes the confusion and adds palm trees instead. The Polaroid-style shooter is fully automatic yet capable of a range of manual control thanks to multiple shooting modes and different lens and gel options. And it prints instantly, so all the hard work you put in doesn’t just end up languishing in the dusty corners of the cloud.

Munro Motor 2.0 eBike

When Burt Munro broke the land speed record on a 953cc Indian back in 1967, he probably never imagined an age of electric vehicles, or that his motorcycle would be the inspiration behind one. The curvaceous two-wheeler is equipped with two batteries and a Bosch motor that’s capable of powering it up to 60 miles per charge. Burt can rest in peace knowing nobody’s coming close to his gasoline-fueled record — the Munro Motor 2.0 tops out around 30 mph.

A Mid-Century Car Camping Icon Is Being Revived

A spacious, easy-to-assemble tent gets a new life.

Royal North Company Kitchen Knife

From the Gear Patrol Store: This knife is handcrafted with care in our RNC workshop using high-carbon O1 steel, Canadian curly maple and solid brass. The high carbon steel was chosen for this knife because of its superior strength, rigidity and long-lasting blade edge. With a little care, this will be the only kitchen knife you’ll ever need.

Deals of Note

Great Products, Great Prices

How to save on a Patagonia down jacket, Blue Hill Market accessories and an Amazon tablet.

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