Affordable Luxury Never Looked So Good

Mercedes Is Officially Bringing Its Sub-$30,000 A-Class Sedan Stateside

June 20, 2017 Cars By Photo by Mercedes-Benz

Back in April, Mercedes gave the Shanghai Auto Show a pleasant surprise when it unveiled the A-Class Sedan Concept. Not only was it a tease at a fresh, affordable sedan from Mercedes, but it was also a statement of where the German brand wants to go, design-wise, in its next evolutionary stage. What wasn’t clear, though, was whether or not it was coming to the States. Now we know — the A-Class which has been kept from our shores all these years will be making landfall as early as this autumn.

Naturally, what’s most exciting about the prospect of a sub-$30,000 Mercedes is that the bar for entry into true luxury will sit at a realistic, obtainable price point for once. Mercedes’ strongest quality is that the company makes sure each and every one of its cars has a certain standard of luxury (or at least appears to), no matter the price — from the dealer experience all the way down to the tactile interactions the driver has with the vehicle every day. Now, I’m not saying by buying a $30,000 A-Class you’ll be getting the same exact experience as an $100,000 S-Class owner, but as far as the segment goes, expect a more lavish experience than any other car at that price point.

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