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Here’s How to Order an Uber for Somebody Else

June 28, 2017 Tech : Apps By

Uber just rolled out a new feature that lets you schedule rides for others. Mom doesn’t have the app? Your friend too drunk to order their own Uber? This is where the new feature comes in handy — you just need the latest version of the app.

Here’s how it works.

When you order a pickup for a place that’s different from your current location, the app will ask if you’re ordering the pickup for somebody else. You then have to give Uber the phone number of the person it’s picking up. (So no, you can’t order an Uber for just anybody — you must have their phone number saved.) After you set a destination and request the ride, the person who is getting picked up will receive a text from the Uber with the driver’s name and phone number, along with the car’s tracking information. It’s that simple. After the ride is over, they get out and you pick up the bill.

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