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Deals of Note: July 11, 2017

Deals : Deals of Note By Photo by Amazon
Welcome to a special edition of Deals of Note for Amazon Prime Day. Today we’ll be hunting down Amazon’s best deals for you — learn more about Prime Day here.

Amazon Echo

Save $90: Use Amazon’s flagship smart speaker to check the weather, order a pizza, or turn off your lights.

Amazon Echo Dot

Save 30%: The Echo Dot is all the brains of the Echo, but in a smaller form-factor. Connect the Dot to any Bluetooth speaker to make it “Alexa-enabled.”

Kindle Paperwhite

Save $30: Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite isn’t just your average tablet. It uses an e-paper display to reduce strain on your eyes while reading, and the battery lasts for weeks at a time. The Kindle is perfect for long flights or a rainy day in a coffee shop.

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