Focal Sib Evo

These New Speakers Make Dolby Atmos Affordable

July 12, 2017 Tech By

Focal, the French audio manufacturer best known for its brilliant (and expensive) floor-standing speakers and studio headphones, announced the next generation of its Sib Evo loudspeakers. The big news here is that the speakers have been upgraded with Dolby Atmos. The technology enables each speaker in the system to have spatial awareness and play a wider number of individual sounds than it normally would, which all adds up to a much more immersive experience than traditional 5.1 home theater systems can create.

Most Dolby Atmos–enabled systems have scary price tags, but the Sib Evo systems are pretty affordable, available in a number of configurations: 2.0 ($599), 5.1 ($999) and 5.1.2 (1,299). If you’re in the market for a home theater setup, Focal’s Sib Evo systems will be available this August.

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