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Get a High-End Home Stereo System for Less With Rotel’s 15 Series

July 12, 2017 Tech By

Rotel, the storied hi-fi audio company known for its masterfully engineered amplifiers, stereo DACs and receivers, announced the RA-1572 integrated amplifier ($1,699), RC-1572 stereo pre-amplifier ($1,099) and the RCD-1572 CD player ($899). All three stereo components are part of Rotel’s 15 Series, and each is built with a custom DAC and the “tempered” look of older analog systems. They are designed around Rotel’s “Balanced Design Concept,” which states that nothing will ever compromise sound — especially the look and cost of the product. Basically, you’re getting the stunning sound without the mind-numbing price tag that’s usually attached. If you’re an audiophile looking to get an affordable, contemporary stereo system, the Rotel 15 Series will check all your boxes.

Each component will be available to order in August.

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