Generic Groceries

Can a Blanket $3 Price Tag Convince You to Buy Groceries Online?

July 13, 2017 Home : Eats By

National brands charge a premium on their products simply because there’s a name brand attached to them. Generic labels, like Costco’s Kirkland, often work with the same factories that other large corporations do, but are able to slash costs because of the lack of royalties and brand clout. With this in mind, Brandless, a new direct-to-consumer grocery store, is selling pantry and household essentials for just $3 across the board.

The company estimates that buying Brandless will save customers an average of 40 percent on groceries — and up to 370 percent on beauty products. Much of its wares are organic and many are non-GMO. Brandless also goes beyond the grocery aisle, selling full-tang riveted knives (which, while lightweight, are indeed sharp, according to Epicurious), toothpaste, hand soap and all-purpose cleaners.

Brandless seeks to bring transparency to the world of groceries by cutting out the middleman — a concept that companies like Brooklinen, Warby Parker and Everlane have built and grown their brands upon. If Brandless proves successful, growing in both audience and influence, its name may soon be contradictory, with Brandless being a name brand in and of itself.

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