Better than the naked eye

Color Scientists from Oakley and VSCO Team Up on New Presets

July 13, 2017 Sponsored By Photo by Nathalia Allen, Alex Strohl and Tiffany Tu

If you’ve ever been on top of a snowy peak at 10,000 feet, or perhaps played a round of golf under full-on sunlight, you might have noticed your eyes aren’t quite equipped to handle it. Which is why three years ago, Oakley launched its Prizm™ lens. It only took about 15 years to get the technology right, but the lens is scientifically designed to fine tune your vision – basically emphasizing colors where the naked eye is most sensitive to detail.

There are a number of different Prizm™ lenses including Sport, Snow and Everyday. So, let’s say you’re on top of that mountain — the Prizm™ Snow lens would bring out crucial details in snow texture by precisely enhancing the color contrast normally hidden in winter environments. It’s been a game-changer for athletes (and even bike commuters — hello, shitty asphalt). Now, Oakley and the crew behind VSCO, the photo editing tool, have teamed up to replicate the revolutionary Prizm™ lens technology into a new preset series within the VSCO app.

Oakley engineers worked alongside VSCO’s color scientists on the series’ development to fully simulate the contrast benefits and visual clarity from the Prizm™ Lens Technology. Just as the lens would do, the Prizm™ Sport Road preset brightens whites and enhances yellows, greens and reds, while Prizm™ Snow is specifically designed to enhance contrast and visibility over a wide range of light conditions in winter environments, and Prizm™ Tungsten enhances all colors — improving the overall visual experience with vibrancy. So your Instagram feed will look sharper than ever without even a visit to the eye doctor.