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For Your Next Workout, Try These Brilliantly Simple Whole Food Powder Packets

Two days ago, Matthew Scott, the CEO and co-founder of Revere, a just-launched fitness nutrition company, laid out in a blog post his reasoning for founding Revere: “[the] connection between exercise and nutrition has always been confusing. What should you eat / drink before you exercise? Are carbs bad? What is that $15 kale juice actually doing for me?”

This is a sentiment that nearly every gym-goer can sympathize with. Unless you have a personal dietician, fitness nutrition is a difficult thing to grasp. Revere aims to change that. Based on years of clinical testing, as well as consulting from a bevy of nutrition experts, including Mike Barwis, a strength and conditioning coach for the Miami Dolphins and the New York Mets, Revere’s plant-based powders make fitness nutrition brilliantly simple. Each of Revere’s three powder packets — Pre-Workout Energy, Post-Workout Cardio, and Post-Workout-Strength — contains only whole food ingredients, such as sweet potato, beet root, pomegranate, green tea and more. The powder, meant for mixing in water, is totally chemical- and sugar-free. By answering a short questionnaire on Revere’s website, a nutrition plan is tailored specifically to your needs; based on your answers, Revere will send you just the right amount of each packet, and will re-up when your supply runs dry. Each packet costs $2.50, while tailored plans range anywhere from $20 to $140 per month.

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