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Snow Peak Is Making Sake Specifically for Outdoor Consumption

July 14, 2017 Drinks By

Patagonia has its beer, and now Snow Peak is getting its sake. The Japanese outdoor brand has teamed up with Kubota, a subdivison of brewery Asahi Shuzo, for a sake that, according to WWD Japan, has a strong flavor that complements outdoor cooking. In typical Snow Peak fashion, the bottle is an ultra-sleek, minimal monochrome black.

The sake is slated to be released in select Snow Peak and liquor stores in Japan on September 21. While there’s no word on pricing, the release won’t be super limited, with 48,000 bottles anticipated at launch. For those who won’t be able to snag a bottle, but are still looking to consume sake while camping, Snow Peak’s titanium sake bottle will get the job done.

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