Pioneer Rayz Plus

Our Favorite Lightning Headphones Just Got Better


Picking a great pair of headphones to pair with an iPhone 7/7 Plus can be tedious. If you go wireless, you have an all-too-wide menu of Bluetooth offerings at your disposal. If you go the traditional wired route, the pickings get slimmer; there aren’t as many Lightning headphones, and nobody wants to use a dongle.

Pioneer recently released the Rayz Plus ($150), which are some of the best in-ear Lightning headphones we’ve tested. They’re active noise-canceling in-ear headphones, sans the cumbersome battery pack, that also have a pass-through charging port; you can charge the phone while listening to the headphones. Through Pioneer’s app, you can also adjust the EQ.

Today, the headphones were updated with a number of features, including “Hey Siri” support and the capability to make calls, send messages and change music tracks, all hands-free. If your phone is still in your pocket, the headphones will recognize Siri commands. According to Pioneer, the headphones’ AutoPause feature has also been improved (when you disconnect your headphones, the music stops), as has the SmartMute feature (the Rayz microphones automatically go on mute when you stop talking on the phone, and automatically unmute when you begin speaking again).

The update is available with the latest version of the Pioneer Rayz app.

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