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This Combination Grill and Pizza Oven Is Museum-Worthy

July 21, 2017 Home : Eats By

Investing in a standalone pizza oven can be hard to justify, especially for those with space limitations. From Italian oven specialists Alfa 1977 comes a solution so obvious, it’s a wonder no one made it sooner. The Toto Grilloven is exactly what its name suggests — part grill, part oven. With a domed brick pizza oven on the left and grill hub on the right, it’s made to bring the variety of indoor cooking outside, and offers an alternative to traditional grilling. The grill hub comes with wood- and charcoal-compatible fuel grids, as well as a cook deck for working with pots, pans and woks.

Best of all, the Grilloven looks good, too. Riffing on postmodern Italian Memphis Group design, the grill hub offers a pop of sunshine yellow, which is balanced by a muted slate-blue pizza dome.

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